What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind often comes up in conversation.

The music of Kylie Minogue 1998-2017, Big Brother (2000-2010), The History of Drum and Bass and the works of Angela Carter have all been chosen by contestants.

And now you could have your chance to sit in the famous black chair and be forensically grilled by host Clive Myrie.

Casting is under way for the next series of the BBC2 quiz show which will be celebrating its 50th year in production this year.

If accepted, you would be following in the footsteps of previous Oxford-based contestant Steve Goddard, city councillor for Wolvercote and a lecturer in French at Oxford University, who emerged winner of his episode in 2020.

Mr Goddard went up against three other contestants, including a former student of his.

His specialist subject, cult British sci-fi show Blake's 7, left him in last place but in the general knowledge round, where he was quizzed on everything from Pixar to politics, he brought his score up to 20, with no passes.

It was this that gave him the edge over his nearest rival.

Speaking at the end of the show he said it was 'really quite a shock' to win, adding: "I honestly didn't know that I'd won until right at the very end when [former host John Humphrys] announced the result.

"It was such a close run thing. Really good fun."

He encouraged anyone thinking of applying for the show to 'go for it' and said it's 'such a buzz' if 'a little bit scary'.

The type of people production company Hat Trick/Hindsight are looking for "need some general knowledge, but we’re really interested in your three specialist subjects – the wider the range the better!"

As producers might not be able to give you your first choice of specialist subject you need to have mastered three different subjects - all suitable for broadcast with enough information on them to be doable.

As well as regular quizzers, they are looking to cast a diverse range of people and are committed to making programmes as inclusive as possible.

For an application form email: mastermind.hth@hattrick.com or follow the link to apply: https://bit.ly/mastermindapplications

After you have submitted your application, one of the casting team may get in touch to organise a Zoom audition.

This will involve a short general knowledge quiz and the chance for them to learn more about why you’ve chosen your Specialist Subjects.

The audition will only take 15-20 minutes "and is very relaxed and really good fun!"

Applications close on Monday May 9 at midnight.