Comedian Jack Whitehall says his father, Michael, is such a snob that he changes the location of his home to sound more upmarket.

Jack told the Daily Mail: "He has moved out to the country and lives near Banbury, but he thinks Banbury sounds a bit common, so he insists on calling it the North Cotswolds."

Jack, whose dad is former theatrical agent would regularly invite stars such as Dame Judi Dench, to dinner at their home in London when he was a boy.

He said: "We lived in Putney. But my dad liked to say 'Barnes', as he thought it was classier."

Father and son starred in Travels with My Father, a travel documentary/road trip comedy television series on Netflix that covered the pair's travels to various places around the world, encountering silly and awkward situations.

Jack, who attended the Dragon School, enjoyed a joke and a laugh when he visited young fans at an Oxford hospice in 2019.

The star spent an hour and half at Helen & Douglas House in Magdalen Road, and donated 20 tickets for his New Theatre show the same day.

The Bad Education actor said: β€œIt is always such an honour to visit Helen & Douglas House. It is one of the most inspiring places you could ever visit. I had such a laugh hanging out with everyone.”