Jeremy Clarkson has grumpily revealed that that the ad for his new Hawkstone Lager may not air as it has been deemed 'offensive'.

The TV presenter turned farmer, 61, shared a video of himself preparing to try his homemade beer.

He then said: “Bad news. I made a TV commercial to advertise my new Hawkstone Lager, which is made in the valley from Diddly Squat Farm.

“We were going to show it in the middle of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, but I’ve had an email from the lawyers saying that the scene where I take a swig and say ‘f**k me that’s good’, contravenes a number of regulations”.


He continued: “So it’s back to the drawing board.”

“It’s f****** good though,” he added cheekily.

Even more tongue in cheek, the Twitter video is captioned: “See the ‘offensive’ ad at @hawkstonelager.”

The Hawkstone lager became the UK’s number one selling beer on Amazon just eight hours after it was launched, less than a week ago.

It is now outselling well-known brands like Budweiser, Corona and Stella Artois.

It is named after a Neolithic standing stone which has stood for generations in the Cotswold Hills near Jeremy's farm.

The Amazon description says Hawkstone has a "distinctively clean flavour".

It explains: "The Cotswold Brash soil in which it rests is hard and unforgiving. But for those who persist, it yields malting barley of unusually high quality – ideal for brewing.

"After harvest, our master brewer painstakingly and meticulously combines the barley with select hops, yeast and the purest local water before allowing it to mature for up to 6 weeks, during which time it develops its distinctively clean flavour. Hard to make — easy to drink."

Twelve bottles cost £35 and 24 bottles cost £65. 

Alternatively, you can buy it in person at Jeremy's farm shop.

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