Oxfordshire Vicar sews lips shut in Rupert Murdoch protest

REVEREND HEWES is clearly a man who fully understands that the climate and ecological crisis is about to wreak devastation on all our lives.

Only profound fear can generate courage of this degree.

I call on Oxford Mail readers to show your respect for this brave gesture, and I thank the Oxford Mail for featuring this article.

Read here: Oxfordshire vicar, 71, sews lips shut in protest against Rupert Murdoch

The climate and ecological crisis is changing our lives.

If you wish to learn more about why someone would be willing to injure himself in this fashion for all our sakes please read my book ‘Saving Us From Ourselves’ which is free to download from my website Poems For Parliament.

You can also find out about a new idea for UN United Aspiration to inspire a new emotional maturity in humanity so that we work collectively using all our purchasing and parenting choices to redress the ecological balance.

Symptoms of ecological collapse are the COVID pandemic and ever increasing extinction rates in the animal world.

CO2 levels are not the only problem, it is not just climate collapse, it is also ecological collapse that our coercive consumer culture is causing.

Thank you Oxford Mail for covering this moving and important gesture by Reverend Tim Hewes.


Low Traffic Neighbourhood Delays

I REFER to the item by John Sanders, Abingdon Herald, 28 July entitled ‘LTNs and delays’.

I am now retired but throughout my working life, when dealing with reports and communications of any sort, I was always acutely aware of the need to avoid jargon and acronyms, to make my writings easily understood by everyone.

I like to think that I am fairly intelligent but I am totally at a loss to know what an LTN is, or refers to.

Read here: School travel time increased to an hour since LTN installed

I am afraid, as far as I am concerned, the item went straight over my head and was a waste of column inches.

I have a sneaky feeling that I am not alone.

If an argument is worth debating, please clearly state what the debate is about.

Can anyone please enlighten me.

David Goldsworthy