A dad who was nearly killed by sepsis now has a miracle baby he never thought possible - and has produced his first West End musical.

The Littlewood family’s lives were turned upside down in 2018 when Todd, 45, came down with what he thought was a cold.

However, the sore throat quickly turned into sepsis and he was admitted to the JR.

He became so ill that doctors told his family it was time to say goodbye.

But buoyed by visits from his wife Tamsin and two daughters he defied the doctor’s predictions and pulled back from the brink.

He lost 10kg and was a shadow of his former self but after four weeks was allowed home.

Oxford Mail: Todd Littlewood

However, the family faced another crisis when lockdown hit.

Mrs Littlewood, who works as a singer and entertainer, saw her bookings plummet and Mr Littlewood, who is a music producer, had 250 worldwide shows cancelled.

Nevertheless he took his ABBA MANIA show to the US and did eight shows in Florida rather than the usual 35-date tour. It was one of the only music tours going on at the time.

Then eight weeks ago Mrs Littlewood, who has appeared in Romeo & Juliet The Musical and Taboo, gave birth to their third child – a miracle after Mr Todd nearly died just 36 months ago.

And the icing on the cake came in May when the family watched the debut show of ABBA MANIA - produced by Mr Littlewood - in the West End, one of the first shows to come back.

He said: "Sitting in the audience with my wife and three daughters was incredibly emotional. There was a time when I thought I wouldn’t even be here to see my daughters grow up, let alone to have another one and produce a West End show.

"Lockdown has hit the music and entertainment industry hard and I’d be lying if I said this last 18 months haven’t been tough, but I’m so grateful to be here today with my wonderful family."

Mrs Littlewood will now perform the lead in ABBA MANIA at Kirtlington Polo Ground where the couple married 10 years ago.

Oxford Mail: Todd Littlewood with Lola, 8, Daisy, 6, and Summer, born in May

"It is our way of bringing a smile to the faces of all those family, friends and even complete strangers who have supported us during Todd’s journey and recovery, and during this incredibly tough year," said Mrs Littlewood. "I know there won’t be a dry eye in the house when I step onto the stage and blast out Super Trouper and look over at my amazing family in the wings."

Mr Littlewood added: "We can’t wait to celebrate with the audience which will include some of the nurses who looked after me when I was in ICU.’

Buy tickets for ABBA MANIA’s Kirtlington Park event on August 14 at soundsinthegrounds.com