One of this year’s hottest new bands, Sea Girls are braced to play the set of their lives at this weekend’s Truck Festival. The band – who are neither from the sea nor girls, are the four-piece of Henry Camamile (vocals and guitar), Rory Young (guitar), Andrew Noswad (bass) & Oli Khan (drums) and they are setting the indie world alight with some incendiary gigs packed with devoted fans.

Hailing from Leicestershire (as far as its possible to get from the sea in this country), they mad their Truck debut last year, and return to mash up the main stage.

“We can not wait,” says Henry. “Last year was such a great crowd, one of our top favourite festivals we played, so to be playing the main stage again this year is going to be even more amazing we hope.”

He adds: “We’ve definitely come into our own performance-wise. It’s always been about enjoying ourselves and enjoying what we’re playing. We’re a lot tighter than we were a year ago and bringing even more energy than before.

“We love playing and we want everyone to have as much fun as we are having onstage, whatever it takes. Having even more songs that people can respond to is amazing. It really helps us give everything we can, the more we get the more we can give.”

They come armed with single Damage Done. “It’s a song about young love and moving on,” says Henry. “The night before the song was written I recognised that a part of my past was amazing, a bit flawed and broken all at the same time. I wanted to try to be at peace with it and realise that better things are to come rather than holding onto the past. I sort of told myself I’m singing to no one if I’m not thinking of the future.”

The album is soon to follow. “We are super excited about it and it’s become clear that unless we do a massive album we won’t be able to put all our favourite tracks on it, but that’s a great place to be. We are loving putting tracks out regularly; it’s exciting that way for now. It was a huge buzz to have got on the BBC Sound poll and we are honoured to be the only guitar band because there’s loads of sick bands coming up at the moment,” he says. “So to be the only one on it is heartfelt.

And who else is he hoping to check out at Truck? “Wolf Alice,” he says. “They are always a Sea Girls must-see band. Foals playing Oxfordshire won’t be missed and we love The Japanese House too, so are looking forward to it seeing them as well.”

  • Sea Girls play Truck Festival on Sunday.
  • Tickets for the festival have sold out