ARE YOU a ‘sofa screamer’ always prattling on about the poor performance of TV game show contestants and raving how you could do better?

Well now you can, writes Naomi Herring.

The Crystal Maze takes you back to a time when tv game shows were at their peak in the 1990s with the likes of Gladiators and The Generation Game.

But storming through the nostalgia and bringing it back to the 21st century is the Crystal Maze Live Experience.

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Moving away from the immersive theatre and dining pop-ups having taken over London of late, now is the turn for tv game shows.

The Crystal Maze experience has opened a whole new venue in Shaftesbury Avenue, London.

Live out a childhood dream (for me at least) as a team of eight and take on the maze.

Don the iconic bomber jackets, scream (unhelpfully) through windows at your team mates challenge, avoid lock-ins, and face the crystal dome.

Oxford Mail:

It has it all at the immersive attraction, as a perfect progression for the legendary show.

For a few years Crystal Maze Live Experience has already been entertaining visitors in London and Manchester, but now bigger and better it has relocated to its central London location to make for a perfect day out.

First, you will meet your ‘maze master’ – for us renowned archaeologist Louisiana Smith - who managed to make two members of our four-person team scream at his enthusiasm as he jumped out from behind a curtain.

We followed Louisiana charging through the maze of tunnels and ladders complete with the iconic theme tune.

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You have 16 challenges across four zones as seen on tv: Aztec, futuristic, industrial, and medieval.

Without giving away the challenges, be sure to expect jousting atop of a horse-disguised mobility scooter, bodybending laser beams, and mindboggling riddles to unlock the crystals.

If presenter Richard O’Brien had been alongside my team peering through the windows from the sidelines, it is almost inevitable he’d have whipped out the harmonica having lost interest in our less-than average abilities.

Oxford Mail:

Efforts which weren’t much better once we got to the big finale in the ‘fanfilled’ dome where you must grab the golden tickets.

The experience lasted 75minutes and with a smaller than usual team we had more chance to take on challenges.

Whatever the number of tasks you take on its an incredibly immersive and fun day out for groups. If you are prepared to count the pennies for something a little different - from £50pp - then the Crystal Maze is an ideal day out. See