While Warren Mitchell is chiefly famous for his creation of the great and terrible Alf Garnett in TV's Till Death Us Do Part, he is of course a stage actor of considerable range and distinction.

His performance as the ancient Russian-Jewish dealer Solomon in Arthur Miller's The Price, seen at the Oxford Playhouse three years ago, earned him an Olivier Award.

Previously, he had triumphed in another of Miller's plays, with an affecting portrayal of the doomed Willy Loman in Death of a Saleman at the National Theatre. At 81, the dedicated performer seems to have no intention of packing it in, and is back at the Playhouse this week in a superb production (director Patrick Garland) of Jeff Baron's Visiting Mr Green.

Mr Mitchell is well versed in the subtleties of his role as Mr Green - another Russian-Jew, as it happens - having previously played him on a British tour and in Australia.

He admits it is not so easy for him to learn lines these days - "so as I have already played the part it isn't such a struggle". Audiences at the Playhouse will see no sign of struggle at all in the assured and seemingly effortless way in which he dominates the stage in this bitterweet, wryly affectionate comedy.

Its focus is a seedy New York flat, the home of the 86-year-old widower Mr Green, the retired owner of a dry-cleaning business. Into his shambolic world comes a a young financial whizz-kid (David Sturzaker).

He has injured Mr Green in a road accident - their accounts of this vary widely! - and been ordered by a judge to make amends through weekly visits to help him.

What we see, during a series of nine shortish scenes, is them gradually getting to know each other. We, the audience, find as much to admire in both men - and much to sympathise with them over, too.

Questions of religion, anti-Semitic persecution and gay liberation are among the topics raised in this warm and impeccably acted drama.

When the 100 minutes of the play are over, audience members will surely leave the theatre feeling much happier about the world.