The dangers of being too generous a host are sharply highlighted in I Invited Her In.

Melanie is initially delighted when her old university friend Abigail gets back in touch after 17 years.

Childless Abigail is a glamorous, successful television presenter, recently separated from her even more successful husband she has returned to Britain after years of living in America.

Meanwhile working mum Melanie feels dowdy and boring in comparison.

She’s been happy enough with her suburban life, three children and a handsome, devoted husband but, pregnant as a teenager, she dropped out of university and missed out on the partying years her peers enjoyed.

She’s surprised but more than happy for Abigail to come to stay when her old friend asks to visit.

Melanie initially enjoys having her visitor around and makes up for lost time by sharing plenty of wine fuelled girly evenings with Abigail... to the neglect of her family.

But as the days stretch in to weeks and Melanie struggles with maintaining her marriage, work and domestic duties along with her friendship, the situation becomes strained.

And – of course – there’s plenty worse to come.

The title of Adele Parks’ latest novel makes it clear from the start that devious Abigail is not the long lost friend Melanie hopes for and her life is about to be turned upside down.

But the lack of surprises from the fast-paced plot – the reader is likely to put two and two together long before Melanie does – does not make this novel any less enjoyable for those seeking a fun, easy read.

Melanie, who has secrets of her own, and her family are believable characters and, while Abigail is larger than life, she never quite falls into the trap of becoming too much like a panto villain.

A fun and entertaining read.

I Invited Her In by Adele Parks, published by HQ, priced £7.99 (ebook £5.99)