Performing from his catalogue of solo hits and Take That favourites in a funny fast-paced big-band-style jazzy show, Gary Barlow took fans at Blenheim Palace's Nocturne Live show right back to where it started in a rundown of his best songs.

He made gags along the way - at his own expense – for his terrible dance moves, before then performing, singlehandedly, the entire dance routine to Pray.

The show was opened by Ferris & Slyvester and Rumer who geared up the crowds, with their silky smooth vocals and easy listening numbers, ready for the arrival of Gary- who sold out the Great Court of the picturesque palace.

Banners lined the front few rows, which Gary then read aloud for us to hear before choosing one fan at the front, who dared to declare her love with a comedic sign, to sit beside him as he performed A Million Love Songs on his shiny black piano. He introduced the song as a special number he had written at the tender age of 15.

The lucky lady graced the stage to meet her hero, recording the entire experience on her phone and leaning in to seal her on stage date, with a kiss – something most of the ladies in the audience threatened to do before she was chosen.

The whole ordeal was made better by Gary laughing it off, claiming it felt like a very long song indeed.

A quick outfit change to something comfier and he was back for good to finish the show with audience favourites The Greatest Day, Patience and These Days.

He ended the show  - the final night of four Nocturne Live gigs at the palace - with the hand-clapping, foot-stomping Never Forget, which was performed as the rain poured over the crowds, who turned up in the thousands to the open air gig.

Those who came prepared threw their clear macs over their Gary Barlow and Take That merchandise, some dating back to the 90s, while others accepted defeat and cheered, clapped and boogied their way in the rain back to the car.