Scooby-Doo, where are you? For once there's an easy answer to the question.

He's at Oxford's New Theatre until tomorrow - and providing a great time for the young fans who are packing in to see him. The test of any show for children is how successfully it entertains them into silence. This one passes the test thoroughly. There was rapt attention in the seats all around me as the Warner Brothers cartoon favourite set about his sleuthing.

He is ably presented, in an entirely convincing costume, by actor Pierre Marc Diennet, and accompanied by the usual gang of friends from the TV show.

That means nerdy Shaggy (Matthew Quinn), glamorous Daphne (Kate Chamuris), brainbox Velma (Liz Pearce) and smug leader Freddie (Jamie Wilson). They find themselves up to their quivering necks in their usual sort of creepy adventure after they point their van, the Mystery Machine, in the direction of Clawhammer Studios in Hollywood.

They are following up an invitation from Velma's film director uncle (Franciso Trujillo) to watch work on his new vampire movie starring the mercurial Belinda Del Monte (Sarah Chamberlain).

Dark forces are at work, however - the Spectre is on the prowl. But even before he is unmasked, we suspect his actions have less to do with the supernatural than with greed for long-lost Clawhammer fortune.

The show was great fun, with lots of laughs, a well-judged musical element and plenty of colour, and a few shafts of more adult wit keep the parents amused. A polished affair.