Why The Long Face? Matters such as Brexit, austerity, Donald Trump, cheese strings, Isis, tax avoiders and the inexplicable popularity of nail bars are all troubling Marcus Brigstocke. But instead of getting down about the current state of affairs, the award-winning comedian has bounced back by asking why he has so many reasons to be cheerful.

The first reason perhaps is that his new show took Edinburgh by storm and is now touring the country and coming to Chipping Norton on Sunday.

Marcus, who promises that he will bring his record player and vinyl collection on stage to help cheer people up, has been particularly exercised by the result of the recent EU referendum.

The even better news is that the show has helped Marcus get back on his feet again after a difficult few months. ““My stock in trade as always been to ask why I am unhappy and Why The Long Face? came about as I was recovering from a big low. I’d had a messy breakup, and yet when I began to feel better I began thinking about gratitude.

“Because being a comedian is a great job. My kids are happy and healthy. I own a house, for Christ’s sake. I’m blissfully happy in a new relationship. I really have nothing I should not be grateful for, and yet I spend a lot of time gnashing my teeth and railing against the system. So the show is about saying, ‘Hang on a minute. I actually have a very charmed life, and I should be very grateful for it’.”

Not that he goes about beating a drum: "I’m very cautious about claiming that I can provide moral lessons or teach people anything," he says.

"All I would say is that this show actively encourages people to remember the things for which we should all be grateful. As hard as some people’s lives are, there is still a huge amount to be grateful for.”

But if you are worried that Marcus has lost his cutting edge and gone soft, then fear not, he can't help himself: “It is vital to be engaged with the news. The only problem is that my desire to know what’s going on is being offset by my need to maintain a decent mental state!”

"A big part of that recently has been Brexit. It’s an absolute passion for me. As far as I can see, it was just a big campaign of lies. However, there are still people saying, ‘It’s all for the best’.

“But we’re going to have to line up in the queue with non-EU passports, for goodness sake! That’s a practical issue that no one has thought about. I don’t want to have to go down that aisle. And how much will we have when we do actually travel? I’m going to Canada soon, and everything there will now cost 11% more than it did on 23 June. Grrrr!”

Those of you who have seen him on Argumental (Dave) and as host of The Late Edition and I’ve Never Seen Star Wars (BBC4), Have I Got News For You (BBC1), QI (BBC2), The Jump (Channel 4), and Sorry I’ve Got No Head (BBC1) will know how much of a news junkie he is.

“I’m write new material for the show all the time, reflecting what’s happening. It’s fun for me and the audience to hear stuff that responds to the day’s news.”

But although Marcus’s shows always end with a bang, and “Why the Long Face?” will be no exception, the comedian is reluctant to spoil the surprise. “I can’t say what the ending will be, but it’s something that I’m both enormously excited about and enormously ashamed of. People will not be disappointed. Afterwards, they will have an image that they won’t be able to get out of their heads, no matter what!”

“But as I see it, it is a straightforward deal. You come to my show, and I make you laugh. If I don’t, I haven’t done my job. I act, write and make radio shows, but stand-up is a much more direct form of interaction, so if you laugh, I’ve been understood. I love how honest that is. In this country, the idea of free speech is very pure. As a stand-up, you’re never stifled.

I’m very proud to say that I have never ended a tour thinking, ‘Oh dear, I’ve let them down’.”

Marcus Brigstocke will be performing Why The Long Face? at Chipping Norton Theatre on Sunday. 01608 642350 chippingnortontheatre.com