The Story Museum is preparing to celebrate the 100th Birthday of one of Britain’s best loved authors, Roald Dahl, by preparing a whizzpopping weekend of activities as part of its birthday celebrations, complete with LIVE crocodiles.

Things kick off on Saturday with a storytelling version of the BFG. This new production, directed by David Wood, stars Anthony Pedley, who played the part of the BFG in the original stage production, telling the story of Sophie and her adventures with the loveable, whizzpopping Big Friendly Giant. All the major characters are brought to life in this tale of dreams, queens, giants, and of course snozzcumbers!

Story Museum spokesman David Gibb said: "Anthony was in the original touring stage production of the BFG and brings his story-0telling one man show to The Story Museum complete with puppets, props and gadgets to bring the BFG characters to life. They include all the favourites of course from Sophie and The Giant to The Queen."

The fun continues on Sunday with a very special event in collaboration with Crocodiles of the World, where visitors will have an opportunity to meet a real life crocodile, discover fascinating facts about the mythology of crocodiles, and, if they’re brave enough, even hold one.

Throughout the weekend The Story Museum has also teamed up with Science Oxford to bring the museum to life with a crocodile treasure hunt, the opportunity to build your own crocodile egg nest, the chance to help make an enormous crocodile, and Dahl stories brought to life on the giant bed.

David Gibb said: "We are really looking forward to celebrating Roald Dahl's 100th birthday. He is a huge author for us in this country and abroad, and his works appeals to all generations for years to come, which is why he is so important to us, and why we are so excited to have such a packed weekend of events to bring his books to life.

"Whether you’re a Roald Dahl fanatic or simply looking for some family fun, you won’t want to miss this weekend of mischief and mayhem."

So is the clash with current Hollywood film version of the BFG, planned or coincidental? "It's not a complete coincidence although there is already renewed interest in Roald Dahl's work because of his birthday, but the Hollywood film has helped reach ha wider audience and we thought it the perfect opportunity to encourage anyone interested to come and explore Dahl's works with The Story Museum's version to earn him a few more fans."

The BFG takes place on Saturday September 10 at 2pm and is suitable for ages 5+.

The Enormous Crocodile and friends, with Crocodiles of the World, takes place on Sunday September 11 at 11am and 1pm and is suitable for ages 7+. or 01865 790050.