For many, November is one of the year’s less pleasant months so it’s good to know that there’s plenty of quality comedy to lighten the gloom.

Would you expect to find arguably the country’s best loved comedian at a suburban arts centre? No, I wouldn’t either but Harry Hill is at Oxford’s North Wall on the 29th and 30th. I’d be surprised if Hill did not return to his offbeat early stuff on this tour.

This may make you work a bit harder than on his TV Burp material. Oxford’s New Theatre has a slew of well known names appearing every few nights from the middle of the month starting with Kevin Bridges on the 12th.

Get through the accent and the not-quite-there diction and you’ll find a thoughtful and intelligent stand-up, not the sawn-off Frankie Boyle some expect.

After Jethro on November 14 (no comment), next up on the 17th is Jason Byrne. An all-round jester, perhaps you need to acquire a taste for some of his antics. Greg Davies follows on the 22nd.

A comparatively late entrant to the profession, Davies has mastered ensemble work, acting and stand-up. He may not have a completely distinctive voice yet but he will.

Appearing on the 24th, Ross Noble is now something of a veteran. At his best, no-one can make connections between what seem to be unrelated things as well as he — and this is a cornerstone of much humour. If there’s an occasional gap between his best riffs, you still won’t have to wait long.

The Glee are doing Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays this month. The quality of their schedule means that you can go on spec and expect to enjoy a good evening.

Holly Walsh is on November 2-3, supported on the first night by Jim Tavaré, perhaps not as well known now as he was a decade ago. Andi Osho from Radio 4 Extra appears on the 15th.

But if you’re serious about comedy, go on the 8th because Robin Ince is the stand out, I would suggest, of all the county’s gigs this month.

I don’t think that he’ll ever lose his grumpy edge or reputation but his Happiness through Science tour title accounts for his change of mood if not its great quality.

This month there are more carefully selected gigs at the Didcot Cornerstone. Don’t take the tour title Pappy’s Last Ever Show on the 30th too literally. I see that the troupe has dates next year!

The day before, expect scathing comments from Jo Caulfield. On the 3rd and 17th, judge Francesca Martinez at East Oxford’s Pegasus by the standards of fully fit comedians. It’s what she deserves.