Four Oxfordshire schools have found themselves being named repeatedly in accounts of alleged sexual abuse online.

The allegations – including of rape, sexual assault and coercion – refer to incidents either allegedly committed by pupils at St Edward's School, Radley School, Abingdon School and Magdalen College, or incidents that happened to students who studied there.

Radley School in Oxford tops the list with 12 testimonies, followed closely by Abingdon School with 10, Magdalen College with seven and St Edward's with six.

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Everyone’s Invited, the website that hosts the survivors' stories, has collected more than 50,000 from girls as young as nine.

A number of academic institutions have been named among the testimonies, including 45 in Oxfordshire.

Founder of Everyone's Invited Soma Sara began sharing her experiences of rape culture on Instagram.

However, in light of the overwhelming response from those that resonated with her story she created the website in early 2020 with the aim to expose, dismantle and eradicate rape culture through the sharing of testimonies and a creation of a community for survivors.