AN EPIDEMIC of sexual violence has been exposed within further education in the UK, with Everyone's Invited releasing the names of 119 universities mentioned in the testimonies.

Stories of sexual assault, violence, and harassment were also shared by students at University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes.

Oxford Mail:

The 'rape culture' website details 57 testimonies from the elite University of Oxford, pushing it nearly to the top of the list.

One woman shared her horrifying experience of stealthing: "I went on a date with a boy not from the university in first year. 

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"He was a few years older than me. Ended up getting very drunk. 

"He took me back to college and we had (I think?) consensual, but unpleasant sex (I was just pinned down). 

"I do know that he removed the condom while we were having sex. 

"I found it in the bin and he refused to confirm that he’d been wearing one when I messaged him. 

"The next morning he told me he 'was not leaving my room until we had sex'.

"I kept changing the subject and eventually he got bored and left, without sex."

Oxford Mail:

A spokesperson for University of Oxford explained that students and staff affected by sexual violence or harassment are given 'extensive' support.

They added that while the university does not comment on individual cases, students are always offered expert, professional support from a number of sources for any welfare and academic issues that arise.

A number of students at Oxford Brookes also shared their testimonies about abuse on and outside the premises of the university.

One woman wrote: "During my first night of freshers, I was sexually assaulted by my new flat mate who I had only known for a few hours and met that day. 

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"He led me into his room and tried to get on top of me, he repeating grabbed my ass and tried to kiss me, tried to lift up my top and grabbed my boob multiple times over my jumper. 

"Every time I pushed him off and would repeatedly say no and stop but he did not listen. 

"I told my friend who was in my flat and she told her mum, who reported it that day to the university. 

Oxford Mail:

"I heard nothing from the university and I had to share a flat with him for the rest of the year."

Another student revealed how they had a testicle 'forcefully dragged' across their face as 'banter' in a room full of only men during a pre-training briefing.

A spokesperson for Oxford Brookes confirmed that the safety and welfare of the students is of the 'utmost importance', and their priority is to ensure any victims get the help and support they need and ensure any accusations are investigated.