Innovation In Climate Action Award

Oxford Climate Awards

Recognises the work of individuals, businesses, or community groups that are innovating and exploring new technology and approaches to tackling the climate emergency. This can include zero waste, travel, air quality, food waste, data gathering, and more.

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1. Describe the innovative approach or solution developed by the nominee to address a specific climate-related challenge of issue. *

2. How does the nominee’s innovation demonstrate creativity and originality in tackling climate change or promoting sustainability? *

3. What measurable impact has the nominee’s innovation in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating environmental impacts or promoting resilience to climate change? *

4. How has the nominee effectively implemented and scaled their innovative solution to create broader positive outcomes or inspire replication in others? *

5. How does the nominee’s innovation contribute to advancing climate action and fostering a more sustainable future for their community or beyond? *