Green Transport Award

Oxford Climate Awards

Celebrates innovative efforts in Oxford that promote sustainable transportation options and reduce the environmental impact of mobility. Nominees should demonstrate achievements in promoting public transit, encouraging cycling and walking, reducing vehicle emissions and improving transportation efficiency, contributing to a cleaner and more accessible transportation systems.

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1. How has the nominee demonstrated a commitment to promoting sustainable transportation options and reducing carbon emissions in their community? *

2. Describe specific initiatives or projects undertaken by the nominee to encourage walking, cycling, public transit use, or adoption of electric vehicles. *

3. How has the nominee improved transportation infrastructure to enhance accessibility, safety, and efficiency while reducing environmental impact? *

4. Provide examples of how the nominee has collaborated with local authorities, businesses, or community organizations to advocate for policies and investments that support sustainable transportation. *

5. How has the nominee engaged with residents to raise awareness about the benefits of green transportation, promote behaviour change, and reduce reliance on single-occupancy vehicles? *