Green Building & Design Award

Oxford Climate Awards

Honours projects or practices in Oxford that exemplify sustainable construction and design. Nominees should showcase innovation in energy efficient design, renewable materials, low impact construction and eco-friendly building techniques. Their efforts should contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of structures while providing aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.

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1. How has the nominee demonstrated innovative and sustainable design principles in their building projects or developments? *

2. Describe specific green building features, materials, and technologies incorporated by the nominee to enhance energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and promote occupant health and well-being. *

3. How has the nominee integrated principles of sustainable design, such as passive heating and cooling, natural daylighting, and rainwater harvesting, into their building projects? *

4. Provide examples of how the nominee has minimized construction waste, optimized resource use, and pursued certifications or standards for green building, such as BREEAM. *

5. How has the nominee demonstrated leadership in promoting sustainable building practices and inspiring others in the industry to adopt environmentally responsible design strategies? *