Climate Action Champion

Oxford Climate Awards

Honouring individuals in Oxford who have shown exemplary commitment to addressing climate change. Nominees should demonstrate consistent, influential advocacy and considerable contributions to climate action, inspiring others and actively working towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving the environment and fostering a more resilient, sustainable community.

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1. How has the nominee demonstrated exemplary commitment and dedication to addressing climate change and promoting sustainability within their community or organisation? *

2. Describe specific initiatives, projects, or actions undertaken by the nominee to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate environmental impacts, or build climate resilience. *

3. How has the nominee engaged with diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, businesses, and community groups, to advocate for climate-friendly policies, practices, or initiatives? *

4. Provide examples of how the nominee has demonstrated leadership, innovation, and collaboration in driving climate action and inspiring others to join the cause. *

5. How has the nominee demonstrated a long-term commitment to climate action, and what measurable impact have they achieved in advancing sustainability goals and creating positive change in their community or sector? *