Climate Community Group Award

Oxford Climate Awards

Recognises community groups and organisations in Oxford that have excelled in engaging and educating the community on environmental issues. Nominees should demonstrate a commitment to raising awareness, providing environmental education and actively involving the public in sustainable practices, fostering a more informed and engaged community.

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1. How has the nominee actively engaged and mobilized their community to address climate change and promote sustainability? *

2. Describe specific initiatives or projects undertaken by the community group to raise awareness, build resilience, and drive climate action within their local community. *

3. How has the community group demonstrated inclusivity and collaboration, working with diverse stakeholders to address climate-related challenges and implement effective solutions? *

4. Provide examples of how the community group has empowered residents to adopt sustainable behaviours, reduce carbon emissions, and participate in climate-friendly activities. *

5. How has the community group advocated for policy changes or implemented grassroots campaigns to promote climate resilience, environmental justice, and a more sustainable future for their community? *