Biodiversity And Ecology Award

Oxford Climate Awards

Recognises individuals, businesses or organisations in Oxford that have made remarkable efforts to support and enhance biodiversity and ecology in Oxford. Nominees should demonstrate a commitment to supporting the natural environment and carrying out activity to protect and enhance Oxford’s unique landscape.

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1. How has the nominee demonstrated a commitment to preserving and enhancing biodiversity within their local ecosystem? *

2. Describe specific initiatives or projects undertaken by the nominee to protect and restore natural habitats, promote wildlife conservation, and enhance ecosystem resilience. *

3. How has the nominee engaged with the community to raise awareness about biodiversity conservation and inspire action to support local ecosystems? *

4. Provide examples of how the nominee has collaborated with stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, or local communities, to address biodiversity challenges and implement effective conservation measures. *

5. How has the nominee demonstrated leadership in advocating for policies and practices that prioritize biodiversity protection and ecological sustainability, both locally and beyond? *