WEB-TECH firm Olamalu is helping boost youngsters’ maths skills across seven primary schools.

More than 170 children aged between six and 11 are taking part in Numskills, which uses games to improve numeracy.

Resource packs given to children include a pack of cards, dice and counters, so they can complete an activity book based on the National Curriculum.

Schools taking part include Our Lady’s in Cowley, Botley Primary, Windmill Primary in Headington, St Mary & St John Primary in East Oxford, John Henry Newman in Littlemore and St Christopher’s in Temple Cowley.

During a celebration assembly at Windmill Primary, Witney-based Olamalu co-founder Kate Berman presented Numskill certificates to 24 Year Three children.

Ms Berman said: “Maths skills are fundamental for programming and it’s a key skill we would look for at whatever level we are hiring.

“Maths is an integral part of education and everyday life and has the ability to open doors to many different professions.”

She added: “Children can find it hard to deal with numbers and sometimes adults are scared of maths, so this is about getting children to see that playing with numbers is fun.”

Windmill headteacher Lynn Knapp said: “The children have really enjoyed Numskills. We’ve seen them all make good progress, particularly with their self confidence and their positive attitude towards tackling mathematical skills.”