Increasing gas and electricity prices for industrial and commercial customers to pay for the move to a low carbon future could undermine Britain’s competitive position and threaten job losses.

The Major Energy Users Council, which represents large and medium size energy users including many household names, is calling for a planned approach from the Coalition government to balance affordability with the future availability of clean industrial and commercial energy supplies.

This is one of the key messages business executives will be hearing at a special morning meeting and exhibition being held at the Henley Management Centre on Wednesday, October 13.

The meeting, which forms part of the Council’s national energy roadshow, is being supported by many of Britain’s energy suppliers, who will also be exhibiting on the day.

MEUC drector general Andrew Buckley said: "The coalition must understand that whilst our members and industry generally are keen to play their part in combating global warming they must also ensure they remain competitive in these challenging economic times.

"Otherwise there is a very real danger that jobs will be lost overseas. And when the carbon emissions embedded in our imports are taken into account, then these more than balance out the reductions we have been achieving."

The meeting and exhibition, which is free for business users, will also hear from experts on the outlook for gas and electricity prices this winter and how they need to comply with the Government’s new scheme for reporting carbon emissions.

It will be of particular interest to businesses currently spending around £100,000 a year or more on gas and electricity.

Further information on the roadshow and how to register are on