A SUMMERTOWN-based firm will offer its treatment for stroke victims to thousands more, after being chosen for a major European project.

Brainomix’s medical imaging software e-ASPECTS automatically assesses CT scans to gauge how badly the brain has been damaged.

By using it, frontline doctors can quickly interpret scans the way a top neurologist would be able to.

Typically, diagnosis takes two minutes, compared to 15 using traditional scans,

Brainomix has been selected for the Angels Initiative, which plans to improve stroke care by opening 1,500 specialist centres around Europe.

Under the plan, endorsed by the European Stroke Organisation and backed by international drugs firm Boehringer Ingelheim, stroke centres will open in 11 countries by May 2019.

Brainomix’s e-ASPECTS technology will be offered to hospitals in seven countries, free for six months.

Chief executive Dr Michalis Papadakis said: “We are honoured to be part of this initiative and it is a very big milestone for us.

“We are excited that hospitals are enthusiastic about using e-ASPECTS to improve the efficiency of stroke treatments and believe in the immense value technology has in terms of health benefits.”

Brainomix’s software is already being used in UK hospitals, including University College Hospital, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Royal Stoke, Northwick Park and Southend.

Brainomix, which has a team of 18 staff, started as a spin-out from Oxford University.

It raised £1.55m funding in September last year.