Recording of the 999 call to police about the attack of Girl 3 by Bassam Karrar in the Nanford Guest House in Iffley Road in November 2006. Supplied by Thames Valley Police

NANFORD Guest House visitor Christopher Buckley told the Old Bailey how he called the police after hearing what he thought was a “prostitute being slapped about”.

The electrician was staying in the room next door to Bassam Karrar when he beat and raped 14-year-old Girl 3 while high on cocaine.

Mr Buckley said: “She was pleading for him to let her go. She was crying and it seemed like he had no sympathy for the way she was feeling.”

He said he had been woken up by the sound of two male voices and a woman. He said they sounded drunk and he could hear them talking about cocaine.

But he said when one man left the other became “aggressive” as the woman also wanted to leave. He then heard a loud bang, he told the court.

He went on to describe the sex attack. He said: “It sounded like a guy pushing himself on to a woman.”

And the witness told the trial the attacker said: “You laughed at me before but you are not laughing now.”

Mr Buckley then packed his bags and left the “not very nice” and “a bit weird” Iffley Road.