Georgeta Marcut

Care team leader at Kirlena House in Kennington

She said: "In our personal and professional lives we are constantly hit with one adversity after the other, most of which we have no control over. But the four things we have total control over is how we react, how we adapt, how we breathe and how we take action."

She was nominated by Angela Arnold, who said: “She always goes above and beyond to keep the residents happy and entertained, especially during the recent lockdowns. She provides amusing activities for those with dementia, singing to them, dancing and making a show of herself without being self-conscious, which the residents all like. She’s always polite and helpful, trying to ensure residents understand what is happening. All the residents enjoy Georgeta’s company and her attention to detail when caring is great, keeping everyone clean and tidy and looking after their personal care etc."

Karen Woolford

Activity coordinator at Churchfields Care Home in Cassington

She said: “I was very surprised to find out I had been nominated and even more surprised that I have been shortlisted. It has been a very tough year for everyone and, in my eyes, everyone deserves to be recognised.”

She was nominated by Clare Abrahams, who said: “Karen has remained so positive and inspiring through the terrible time I'm sure every care home has sadly shared. She is the lynch pin to all the residents' great mental wellbeing. Karen has remained imaginative, time after time, creating a stimulating environment, throughout the fluctuations of staffing numbers which are inevitable with the pandemic. She's just as capable helping the general carers, too. Her key to everyone is true empathy and thoughtfulness. As lead activities coordinator, Karen is always creating new and interesting things for the residents. The care home's Facebook page shows constantly changing daily activities, plus a lovely regular cycle of weekly therapies, themes and entertainments.

Jayden Howe

Senior Carer at Richmond Village in Witney

Jayden was nominated by Patrick Smith, who said: “Jayden started off as a carer but now has moved up to senior, which is a big move for a girl who is only 20 years old. She worked throughout all of Covid without moaning. She is dedicated to residents’ care and helps in any way she can. She makes them laugh even when times are tough. She makes sure everything they need is there before she goes on days off so things run smoothly. Nothing is too much trouble.”