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Graceful yet unsettling: Radcliffe Square is deserted. Picture by Christopher Gray
The Pop Factory, at Porth, the former home of Corona pop, is now a music venue           Picture: Kev Griffin
Soprano Marlena Devoe supplied an affecting portrayal of the doomed Mimi     Picture: Tom Weller
Beefeater, Kidllington, servery
Relatively Speaking features James Simmons and Rachel Fielding as Philip and Sheila        Pictures: Andreas Lambis
Mercury rises in the return of Queen’s jukebox musical We Will Rock You to the New Theatre this week                Picture: Johan Persson
Jonas Kaufmann as Florestan in deep doo-doo in Fidelio at Covent Garden                     Picture: Bill Cooper
An Oxford to Marylebone train passes over the Oxford Canal and its newly improved towpath
Soho Farmhouse, where visitors are ordered, on pain of exclusion, not to talk to the celebrities
Alan Cumming and Daniel Radcliffe in Samuel Beckett’s Endgame at The Old Vic.                  Pictures: Manuel Harlan