• ROWING: Woods recovers to leave hospital

    Oxford bowman Alexander Woods was released from hospital today following his collapse during the Boat Race. Woods fell ill in his boat after passing the finish line in the race which was interrupted by a man in the water before being won by

  • Cooker fire in Kidlington

    FIREFIGHTERS were called to a blaze in Kidlington this afternoon. The fire, in Belgrove Close at 4.37pm, was caused by cooking materials left on top of the cooker. No one was injured.

  • Firefighters called to kitchen blaze

    A PAN of oil caused a fire in a kitchen in Abingdon this afternoon. Fire crews were called to the small blaze in Wildmoor Gate shortly before 2pm and removed the cooker from the property. No one was injured.

  • UPDATE: Trenton Oldfield charged over Boat Race disruption

    Police have charged a man with a public order offence after "possibly the most dramatic Boat Race in history" was temporarily halted by a swimmer who appeared to deliberately cross the path of rowers.An Oxford crew member was also taken to hospital after