Brian John Carroll

Carroll Brian John "Basher" Shirley, Katey and the family pay tribute to all those who attended the cremation of our wonderful man on Friday 12th June in Oxford. We knew he was so loved by us and his Newsquest family but Bri was so modest, we truly did not know how revered and respected he was within the pool playing community. We were overwhelmed by the tributes paid to "Basher", both floral and verbal and by just the sheer physical presence of so many of you, lead by the true real friend, Dave Crawford. We are also deeply moved by the tributes from "Mr Bicester's" customers, and by his Newsquest family, lead by the highly respected Shane. These sentiments help us through this terrible time. A special tribute to local firm D.L Hancock Funeral Directors. Sufficient to say that despite our shockwaves, did a magnificent job, to Martin at the Ex's and to the Piggy Squire Pig Roast Company, all of whom contributed to the completion of our tribute to this wonderful man. Bless you all and thank you.