I WRITE this letter on behalf of the residents living in Bayswater Road on Barton estate, who signed a petition against having 20 lorries a day going up and down Bayswater Road for the next 10 years, unless the council took out the humps.

The council is allowing the lorries to go ahead but the humps will stay.

When the bodies of our soldiers were brought back home, the convoy of cars moved along a nice bit of road in Wootton Bassett – now a nice bit of road in Carterton.

That’s good and it shows respect for our soldiers, so how come once these soldiers reach Oxford and they go to their last resting place, the crematorium, it seems that all respect shown by the council goes out the window?

Once the hearses reach Barton, they have to go over five humps to reach their destination.

I and lots of others feel that this is disrespectful. There’s no reason for the humps, they cause a lot of noise and vibration and will be worse now, with 20 heavy goods vehicles going back and forth every day for 10 years. So Oxford council, show you care and take up the humps.

P HOWARD (for Bayswater Road residents) Brome Place Barton Estate Headington Oxford