I AM writing to tell you I fully support the Save the Marston Library campaign and here is why you should also.

Firstly, if you’re worried about the economy, don’t be. Libraries help kids get good grades which they need to get a good job.

If we get rid of the libraries, kids’ grades will suffer and as a result the majority won’t get a job. Books fill kids with creativity and awareness of the world around them.

I, on the other hand, have always had access to a library, and my English grades have risen a considerable amount.

If they take away the Marston library, my grades, and those of many others, will decrease.

The only other library near me is the one in the city centre, which is almost impossible for me to access. As I am only 13, I can’t go traipsing through town on my own after school and my mum and dad can’t drive me at the weekends.

These limitations would make a visit worthless, as I wouldn’t be able to return my books on time.

I’m sure this is also the case for many other kids.

Even if Marston Library only opened twice a week, or for one long day, it would still be a great help to me and many others.

HANNAH MACK, Old Marston, Oxford