What an extraordinary response (Oxford Mail, July 7) by Steve Chandler to the letter by Penny Little.

Her letter requested Shami Chakrabarti to state Liberty's position on hunting which, having influence, is a matter of some importance.

Mr Chandler requests Mrs Little to state her position on the sprays used domestically to kill wasps and ants, and asks if she is against the control of pigeons, rabbits, rats and squirrels?

As a hunt monitor, I am asked many equally absurd questions by hunt followers.

For example, do I use mousetraps? Yes, the humane type.

If I were to say the killing type, the followers would excitedly say that I had no right to criticise their bloodsport, apparently convinced that I and they were therefore blood brothers.

Mrs Little is a leading and effective anti-hunt campaigner. I have no doubt that the motivation behind Mr Chandler's inquiry is exactly the same as the hunt supporters. Pathetic.

Peter Bunce Tithe Barn Church End Haddenham