So the deputy leader of the city council's new labour administration believes that the planned rail link for the proposed Weston Otmoor eco-town will offer "real potential to alleviate congestion problems on the A34" (Oxford Mail, May 20).

I'm afraid it will do the exact opposite.

Does he not know where this eco-town is to be positioned?

Just to remind him - it is basically at the apex where junction nine of the M40 meets the A34.

I use the A34 each morning and I can assure him that it is a nightmare for road users.

The thought of building a town here for 15,000 homes should ensure total gridlock on the roads in this area for at least the next century.

The planned rail link between Oxford and Bicester may help to some extent.

But as many people in the county not only live but also work in rural locations, insufficient numbers will use it.

I agree we need more homes for the future, but this is totally the wrong location.

Mark Appleton