I am concerned about the use of the whip, which is used by jockeys to speed horses.

This, of course, isn't a tickling experience for the horse, just to say "will you please run a little faster for me"?

It is the sudden bursts of pain from the whip that speeds it on.

We humans would do as we were asked to avoid another lashing but, of course, the horse has no say in the matter.

You publish photographs of horse racing and in most of them, the whip is openly seen.

In one picture (Oxford Mail, April 12), the jockey seems to be taking great pride and enjoyment in what he is doing and, of course, there is a nice money reward for him if he wins, so what is a little pain, in his mind, going to matter?

Yet you published it.

Surely, with the power of your newspaper, you should be helping to stamp out this violence?

I believe you should be ashamed of yourself for glorifying the use of the whip in racing so openly.

BILL GOODWIN Pebble Hill Radley