THE importance of our children’s centres to young parents and their children cannot be stressed too much.

And the help provided by the experienced and sympathetic staff cannot be stated enough.

Where are these families to go for assistance with breastfeeding, health visitor services, parenting advice, encouragement in reading with children and preparation for pre-school, a safe and convivial place for their babies and and toddlers to play, a chance to connect with and to learn with and from other mums and dads and to meet people from our multi-cultural society?

I have been a volunteer at Florence Park Children’s Centre for more than seven years and I have witnessed all these activities going on.

With the current safeguarding and health and safety legislation there will be nowhere for these families to go for this help and support.

I hope Oxfordshire County Council is prepared for the expensive fall out from its extremely ill-judged plan which will blight the psychological and educational future of so many of our families and children.

I urge everyone concerned about the consequences of the closure of children’s centres to make their objections known to their local councillors.

Bayswater Road, Oxford