WHAT I’M CALLED: Polly Gibson.


WHAT I DO: I’m currently the centre manager for the Footsteps Centre in Dorchester. We provide intensive physiotherapy for children with neurological disorders. We also run a charity, the Footsteps Foundation, which raises money to help families pay for the treatment.


WHO I LOVE: I love my five nephews and brand new niece, they are all under five! They call me ‘Aunty Pee Pee’ and are fantastic ‘toddler therapy’.

HAPPIEST YEAR: 2005 when I spent five months travelling round New Zealand, sky diving, whale and dolphin watching and working for an arts festival. This year I’ve started running a new youth drama group in Wallingford, for forty 11- to 18-year-olds and we’re currently rehearsing a piece for the drama festival in June. I love working with teenagers, particularly in drama. There’s some fantastic young talent and passion out there and it’s great to be able to encourage that.

DARKEST MOMENT: I’ve recently lost a couple of family members and friends which has been hard but has had its positive side. Our family and friends have been become much closer and supportive and lots of us have started fundraising for several charities close to our hearts, including Footsteps Foundation.

PROUDEST BOAST: Recently losing three-and-a-half stone and dropping three dress sizes.

BIGGEST REGRET: I don’t tend to regret things, just learn from them.

WORST WEAKNESS: My weakness is definitely fabric, I’m really into my sewing and could spend hours in fabric shops. I’ve always got a project on the go. My family always make fun of me but I’m always getting trousers or curtains to mend.

DULLEST JOB: I used to work for a market research company which involved packing thousands of products such as cat food, rice and toiletries, it wasn’t all bad though, as I often got to take home leftovers. I didn’t buy shower gel for a whole year! It was through them that I found out about the Footsteps Centre, as they had given a Christmas donation one year. The day I left my old job the advert for Footsteps popped up on my computer. I think it must have been fate.

GREATEST SHAME: When I was younger I was head girl of Wallingford Parish Church Choir which I gave up as it wasn’t very cool back then. Both my mother and step father are members and the choir recently won a competition and got to record an album and sing at the Royal Albert Hall. It was an amazing night and great to support them all, even if I was a little bit jealous not to be up there with them.

LIFELONG HERO: James Taylor, I grew up on his music and took my mum to see him in concert a couple of years ago.

OLDEST FRIEND: There are a group of us who meet up once a week, we are nicknamed the junior coven and no matter how bad our days have been or how stressed we are, we always manage to cackle and cheer each other up over a couple of glasses of wine. One is just about to have a baby – the baby quilt is already made.

WIDEST SMILE: Probably the one in this photo or the day I graduated and got my degree in performing arts, I graduated in Winchester Cathedral which was a proud moment.

FAVOURITE DREAM: The one I once had about Robbie Williams, only to wake up and realise it wasn’t real, I was gutted, although I was always a Mark Owen fan in the early days, although now it’s got to be Gary Barlow.