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What is podcasting?
"Podcasting" is a portmanteau coined in 2004, that combined two words: "iPod" and "broadcasting." Even though the name is a misnomer, in that podcasting doesn't require an iPod and no over-the-air broadcasting is required, it has maintained its prominence in the face of numerous alternatives. In short, a podcast is nothing more than an mp3 download referenced by a RSS feed and is the common name for the delivery of audio content from a website to a mobile device via your PC or Mac.
What is RSS?
Using RSS, (Really Simple Syndication) means this website can tell you when a new podcast is added or updated. We have several RSS feeds for stories too. To learn more about RSS or subscribe to an RSS feed, click here.
What will it cost?
This website makes no charges to users of its podcast or RSS services.
Do I need an iPod to listen?
No you don't. The audio can be played on your computer, or copied over to an iPod, other MP3 player, mobile phone or PDA - any MP3 compatible device.
What is an MP3 file?
MP3s are audio files which are high quality but small in size so they are easy to download to your PC or Mac. They are fast becoming the industry standard format.

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