OXVOX have for the first time revealed the structure of their proposed plan to turn the Kassam Stadium into a community-owned facility.

Chairman Jeremy Faulkner also told members at the Oxford United supporters’ trust’s annual general meeting a renegotiated lease may be the more likely outcome.

But the process would stay paused until Juan Sartori’s interest in the club had reached a conclusion.

About 60 of OxVox’s 900 members attended a lively debate last night about the ground ownership.

The trust’s attempts to agree a more beneficial deal for the U’s became public last October.

The issue of how the move would be funded has been the key question ever since, but Faulkner went into detail about how Firoz Kassam’s £12m asking price could be met.

The plan rests on an agreement with Oxford City Council allowing the club’s landlord to develop the overflow car park for housing and then waive the stipulation that those spaces would have to be replaced in a costly multi-storey structure.

Faulkner said: “The reality is the figure we were talking about was considerably lower than £12m, if he didn’t have to relocate the parking.”

The remainder would be found by individual donations and a council loan, repayments on which would be funded by gaining control of the site.

But Faulkner now believes a different deal may be more likely.

He said: “I don’t think Firoz will go for an outright sale, but instead a renegotiated lease.

“Our view is it’s the best solution for Oxford United. You take the operating control of the stadium and develop it in partnership.”

In that scenario, the rent paid by the club might increase, but it would be offset by the income generated from the stadium’s operations.

OxVox had aimed to reach some form of agreement by the end of the season, but while communication with Kassam continues, the process has been halted in recent weeks amid interest from Sartori.

The trust met the Uruguayan businessman in March and while U’s chairman Darryl Eales played down the approach this week, OxVox do not believe it is at an end.

“We are stopping until Darryl Eales says he’s sold or it all falls through,” Faulkner said.

“I think if something is going to happen it would be in the next few weeks.”

He added: “Our one aim is to do the best for Oxford United. We have no agenda, the only reason we have tried to do this is nobody else was.”