Junior captain Dan Willoughby screamed with delight as he aced the second hole at North Oxford on Saturday.

What made it such a thrill for the 17-year-old was that it came less than six weeks after his younger brother Scott, 14, had achieved the same feat at the very same hole.

This is a remarkable accomplishment as there are on average only five aces at this hole during the year, and two have been achieved by the Willoughby brothers.

Dan, who plays off an eight handicap, said: “Of course I was pleased when Scott got his hole-in-one.

“But brotherly rivalry being what it is, I was slightly gutted that he had got an ace before me.

“Now I’m on equal terms with him.”

Dan’s ace – he used a seven iron at 156-yard par three-hole – came during North Oxford’s junior monthly medal .

He said: “I didn’t see the ball go into the hole, but I knew from the reaction from the players by the green that it had gone into the hole.

“I screamed out and then rushed over to tell Scott, who was playing in the group be-hind me.

“It took me a few holes to come back down to earth, but I still shot a level-par nett 67.”

He finished one shot behind the eventual winner, Conner Hiles.

Scott, who plays off 14, got his hole in one with a six-iron in during a junior competition in late March, when partnered by his elder brother.

Despite the sibling rivalry, Dan, who attends Oxford & Cherwell Valley College in the hope of becoming a physical education teacher, does concede that his brother is a better footballer.

The lads, who come from Kidlington, both play for Garden City, but Scott also captains Oxford City under 14s.

They were introduced to golf three years ago by their parents, Colin and Michelle.

Colin, who also boasts having scored an ace, does not play much now, while Michelle works as a waitress at North Oxford.

“Both the boys have done very well and enjoy playing golf, which is an ideal game for them,” said Michelle.

l GRAHAM Fullagar scored his third hole-in-one at Kirtlington within 12 months, when he aced the par-three 16th during an Oxfordshire Captains’ match.

John Duffin also holed in one during a seniors roll-up at the same hole.