PRE-SEASON is normally rife with speculation about new signings. But one thing has dominated Oxford United’s close season so far.

Fans across the city have wondered, speculated and hypothesised about the future of the club.

Finally now, after all the rumours and theories amid deals behind closed doors, the situation has become clear.

There are sweeping changes with a new chairman, chief executive and head coach.

Among the new, Ian Lenagan will stay on in the boardroom as the new regime comes into force.

It is clear this deal is one of two halves, to borrow from the football phrasebook; one part a football deal and the other a business deal.

And much like activities on the pitch, when there is a winner there is also a loser.

The local consortium, led by Charlie Methven, put together a brave bid to keep the ownership of the club in the hands of those closest to it.

But ultimately the bid failed. Despite this, they deserve huge credit in attempting to strike a deal.

As the floodlights dim following the day of drama, we can reflect on where the club is now.

Regardless of what has gone before, we must look ahead with kick-off of the new season fast approaching.

We should all get behind the new board at the club and hope the upheaval inspires rather than disrupts the team.

Hopefully this new dawn will produce results both on and off the pitch and help the club rise through the ranks of the Football League.