The latest North Oxford AS match on the Oxford Canal at King’s Bridge was spoilt for most of the ten anglers by some very heavy boat traffic.

Despite that, Roger Brown was able to find three good chub on caster for 7.0.0, plus bits, for a winning weight of 9.6.0.

Runner-up with skimmers and perch on pinkie and chopped worm was Maurice Winstone with 3.8.0, followed by Terry Whittington, who caught perch on maggot for 2.4.0.

Matthew Tuppenney won the latest round of the Predator Spring Carp League and nearly topped the ton in the process.

A good field of 19 fished the Dog Lane Fishery in Napton, Warwickshire, and despite the cold, windy conditions, some useful weights were recorded.

The winner amassed 97.4.0, just one lost fish away from the magical ton, fishing the long pole and pellets.

The same tactics accounted for the next two places, Matt Ryman (Predator) returning 56.8.0 and Richard Foley 44.2.0.


Panshill: (Wednesday, Costcutter, Wood Lake, 12 fished) 1 D Robinson 56.11.0, 2 T Robinson 48.14.0, 3 B Eddy 41.6.0.

Panshill: (Friday, Pans Lake, 23 fished) 1 A Blackwell 28.5.0, 2 K Palmer 26.8.0, 3 G Knight 21.1.0.

Panshill: (Saturday, Wood Lake, 18 fished) 1 G KnIght 52.1.0, 2 D Robinson 47.4.0, 3 S Rich 41.9.0.

Panshill: (Sunday, Pans Lake, 10 fished) 1 R Guppy 52.2.0, 2 J Amersham 48.3.0, 3 P Alland 47.11.0.

Oakfield: (Wednesday, Swallow, 15 fished) 1 P Alland (Dynamite Oakfield) 63.1.0, 2 J Hirons (Dynamite Oakfield) 33.0.8, 3 D Ashby (Garbolino Banbury Gunsmiths) 33.0.0.

Oakfield: (Saturday, Brook & Swallow, 27 fished) 1 I Graham (J&K Tackle) 65.3.0, 2 S Page (Drennan GOT Baits) 44.0.0, 3 G Keetley (Dynamite Oakfield) 40.11.0.