Oxfordshire have stuck by their Men's A team for their Premier Division match away to Surrey this weekend.

In their opening match of the campaign, Oxon earned a highly creditable 18-18 draw with Kent.

However, it looked like being a victory until their men's A team crashed 9-3 in their match. Their only wins came from Nigel Russell, Dave Exell and Ade Larner.

The selectors have kept faith with the line-up for the Surrey contest which takes place at Worcester Park British Legion, near Kingston-upon-Thames.

The only Oxon changes see Paul Farnes return to the Men's B and Louise Carroll come back to the ladies' A.

Simon Davison and Simon Tricker are brought into the reserves after a good starts in the Oxfordshire Super League.

Oxon will be hoping to record their first victory of the season against a Surrey side which was beaten 31-8 by Yorkshire in their opener.

The games will start at 11.30am on both Saturday and Sunday.


Men's A: R Anderson (Three Tuns, Kings Sutton), N Cobb, D Exell, R Haines, J Jukes (Mole and Chicken), P Krabben, A Larner, N Russell, B Stratford (Potato Pubs and A1 Inflatables), O Varney (Studio 133 and Wah Hong Chinese Takeaway), K Wilkins, K Young.

Men's B: P Addison (Bicester Beers & Minerals), K Bedding, P Cohen, P Farnes, S Foster, J Fowler (Heyford Leys Camping), P Hall, G Manning (Sandvik Cormorant), L Radford, P Rouse (D & J Rentals), A Thomas, W Topley.

Ladies' A: L Carroll (Handy Stores), R Dixon, L Jone (Handy Stores), J Newman, I Richardson, K Williams.

Ladies' B: Cali Birch, Cath Birch (Roof Doctor), S Castle, S Cox (Jennings), P Guy, D Pape.

Men's Res: S Davison, P Newman, R Pape, S Skelton, Mark Stocker (Smiths, of Bloxham), S Tricker, T Wood.

Ladies' Res: N Curzan, B Manning, K Ledbury, H Prowton.