The Thames was on song for the fourth round of the Oxford Summer League, fished by six teams of six at Medley and Folly.

With the hot weather continuing, the anglers on Medley again had to contend with swimmers and boats, but it fished well despite the distractions.

The top weights were from Folly, while plenty of roach were caught on Medley.

John Taylor (Tubertini Apollo) drew the end peg on Folly and made the most of it with 18.15.0 of mainly perch to 2lb on chopped worm feeder and then pole and worm.

Second-placed Martin Wickens (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths) also drew Folly on the peg that produced last week’s winner.

He caught perch to 1lb, plus four skimmers to 12oz on pole and worm over chop for 14.12.0.

The top peg at Medley produced 14.2.0 for Tom Hobbs (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths), who was third with roach, perch and small chub on pole-fished caster over hemp and caster.

Teams: 1 Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths Red 25pts, 2 Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths Blue 24, 3 Sensas A4 24.

League: Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths Red 108pts, 2 Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths Blue 108, 3 Sensas A4 101.

Round eight of the FTB Oxford Carp League was once again fished at the consistent Tunnel Barn Farm, near Warwick, and the 16 anglers found Club Pool in terrific form.

There were nine weights over 100lb and in total, 1,740lb of fish were put on the scales.

Andy Benwell (FTB) led them home with 183.14.0, comprising 90 carp and F1’s to 6lb on paste over a bed of pellet on the pole.

Ivan Graham (J&K Tackle) fished meat on the pole at 8m and down the margins, catching mainly F1 carp and the odd barbel for a second-placed 165.0.0.

Mick Lane was runner-up with 164.8.0 of F1’s and barbel on maggot over groundbait in the edges.

Next match is at Rissington on August 17 (11am draw).

The carp at Panshill, near Bicester, were in obliging mood too for Beehive AC’s Harry Strong Shield, Dave Wilson setting a club record with 223.0.0 of carp to pole and corn.

The same tactics saw Bob Hopgood take second place with 148.0.0, while Kevin Jeacock was third with 126.0.0.

Littlemore AS’s Aggregate Cup second round at Boddington was a real struggle for the 22 competitors on what is normally a prolific venue.

Some anglers went for the roach, while others sat it out in hope of some carp.

Paul Brant was one of the latter and had three of them for 28.9.0 on method feeder with boilies.

He also took the golden peg.

Brian Hutchings had a couple of carp on method feeder, plus a double-figure net of roach for second place with 26.13.0.

Three carp gave Steve Pitson 24.10.0 of carp on method feeder for third.

Joff Rogers topped the double century in Wednesday’s match at Oakfield Fishery, catching 211.1.0 of quality carp to 10lb.

Oakfield: (Wednesday, Red Kite & Swallow Lakes, 19 fished) 1 J Rogers (Frenzee GOT Baits) 211.1.0, 2 A Phipps (Dynamite Oakfield) 125.1.0, 3 B Eddy (Dynamite Oakfield) 116.1.0.
Oakfield: (Saturday, Red Kite & Swallow Lakes, 17 fished) 1 G Thorpe (GOT Baits) 138.3.8, 2 C Davies (Dynamite Oakfield) 126.9.8, 3 L Ripper (GOT Baits) 107.2.8.
Oakfield: (Sunday, Swallow Lake, 18 fished) 1 G Thorpe (GOT Baits) 137.6.8, 2 S Johnson (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths) 97.6.8, 3 N Bryan (The Bull) 83.12.0.
Oxford Waltonians AC: (Club match, Thames at Goring) 1 A Gee (Acorn Angling) 8.8.0 (small fish, 7m whip, caster & maggot), 2 P Bowers 8.8.0, 3 J Ellyatt (Goring) 7.2.0
Tackley Estates AC: (Club match, Thames at Radley) 1 S Malone 10.4.0 (roach, pole, hemp & tares + golden peg), 2 M Dempsey 6.3.0, 3 A Alder 6.1.0.
Kidlington AS: (Harry Parsons Trophy, Thames at Donnington, 10 fished) 1 T Lester 21.8.0 (bream, groundbait feeder & worm), 2 J Bean 19.8.0, 3 D Pether 11.4.0.
Sutton Courtenay AC: John Prior Memorial. Thames at Otneys. Draw 7am.
North Oxford: v Marston FTB, Thames at Medley.
Oxford Waltonian AS & Littlemore AS: P Jackson Memorial, Thames at Sandford.
Dorchester AS: Lewes Cup, Thames at Benson. Fishing 8-1.
Oxford Summer League: Practice match. Thames at Abingdon. Draw 8am, fishing 10-3.