OXFORDSHIRE Ladies moved into the Walker Cup regional finals with a 36-34 win against the Isle of Wight.

Caroline Campion’s rink of Margaret Bullock, Pat Ostler and Donna Knight were edged out at Banister Park in Hampshire.

But Katherine Hawes, along with Carole Galletly, Wendy Cross and Jeanette Berry pulled away late on to send them through to play Surrey at Sutton BC on July 13.

It made up for the team’s disappointment in drawing 101-101 with the same opposition to end hopes of reaching the John’s Trophy quarter-finals.


Walker Cup: Isle of Wight 34, Oxfordshire Ladies 36 (Oxon skips first): C Campion 15, J Utteridge 17; K Hawes 21, V Addison 17.

John’s Trophy: Isle of Wight 101 (13pts), Oxfordshire Ladies 101 (9) (Oxon skips first): C Penson 19, L Bell 15; J Berry 15, V Stuart 16; W Cross 19, A Ash 24; C Morgan 13, P Proud 18; S Rogers 14, J Utteridge 15; D Knight 21, V Addison 13.

County game: Oxfordshire Ladies 106, Middlesex 111 (At Banbury Chestnuts, Oxon skips first) P Ostler 22, R McDonald 16; J Berry 21, C Allen 14; B Havard 19, M Bushnell 13; C Penson 16, J Staples 23; W Cross 11, A Halliday 24; S Gokgor 17, M Lawford 21.

A 63-55 defeat to Surrey means Oxfordshire Under 25s must win the rest of their matches to stand any chance of lifting the Junior Home Counties League title.

The visitors were always in control at Kidlington after a 12-shot success against Dan Wakemen’s rink.

After Shane Cooper’s rink finished level, George Schwab claimed the third rink with a 21-17 success.

Oxfordshire U25 55 (3pts), Surrey U25 63 (7)

(Oxon U25 rinks first)

Rink 1: Darren Wakeman, J Woodward, S Muir, Dan Wakeman 15, R Hutton, L Griffin, M Clemets, C Souter 27.

Rink 2: O Bennett, J Glenn, S Watts, S Cooper 19, C Birch, C Bagdonas, C Baker, S Gingell 19.

Rink 3: D Swanson, R Full, L Wilkinson, G Schwab 21, M Hayes, J Sanderson, A Childs, J Wilson 17.

A 29-20 win by Henry Franklin’s rink saw Oxfordshire win 125-113 in a friendly away to Herefordshire.

The other five rinks were closely-fought at Bulmers BC.

Herefordshire 113, Oxfordshire 125

Rink 1: P Demczak, A Melville, B Bloomfield, C Weller won 27-25.

Rink 2: M Cameron, J Stephens, R Slater, M Brain won 21-19.

Rink 3: V Webb, K Washington, R Bull, M Andrew lost 19-17.

Rink 4: S Tolhurst, R Havard, K Mobley, H Franklin won 29-10.

Rink 5: C Lewis, J Hurley, M Oliver, T Gripe lost 20-14.

Rink 6: B Willoughby, A Fleming, B Jarvie, J Lucas lost 20-17.