RAIN, rain everywhere with cricket fixtures being called off right, left and centre.

Only two games survived a deluge on the first weekend in the Serious Cricket Home Counties Premier League, while just Banbury’s fixture at Tring Park and Oxford’s match at High Wycombe took place last Saturday, with Division 2 being totally washed out.

It was a similar scenario in the Cherwell League with the only result seeing Cropredy 3rd handed a walkover by Challow & Childrey 3rd in Division 10.

We all know the likelihood of a wash-out at least one weekend each year is about the same as England suffering a whitewash by Australia in an Ashes series when they go into the final Test 4-0 down.

And yet what contingency plans are in place for this eventuality? None.

However, the solution could be quite simple.

The league season finishes on the first weekend of September, so how about making the following Saturday a reserve day for the first occasion any division suffers a total wash-out – such as the Home Counties Division 2 or Cherwell Divisions 1 to 9 last Saturday?

Some may argue that football and rugby leagues begin on the second Saturday in September when many switch to winter sports.

However, this should have no bearing as some talented all-round sportsmen, such as Oxford’s Stuart Hole, are playing football in August – well before the end of the cricket season.

Endless hours seem to be spent discussing points systems, rules and even what constitutes a wide.

But it appears little consideration has been given to the basic fundamental – providing an opportunity for the game to be played.

The power for change, as always, lies with the clubs.

It will be interesting to see if they push for the potential for an extension to the season.

Common sense suggests they should.