BEEHIVE AC’s SP Courier Cup match at an out-of-sorts Frobury Farm produced more than its fair share of incidents.

The fish were getting ready to spawn, so bites were hard to come by, while strong gusts of wind played havoc with presentation.

The wind also claimed the top kits of Shawn Percy’s pole, smashing three of them when his rod bag toppled over.

Tim Belcher managed to overcome the elements to claim top spot with 54lb of carp and tench to pole and maggot.

Dave Wilson had 41.0.0 of carp and tench on pole, maggot and bread for second, while Bob Alder was third with 40.0.0 of carp to pole and maggot.

Dave Mott could easily have been in the frame, but transferring his fish at the weigh-in, he managed to tip most of them back!

The first match in the 2014 FTB Oxford Carp League was fished on Rissington Lake and the 13 anglers found the fishing difficult in the wind.

Gerry Foley drew the flier point peg and fished with just the top kit of his pole in the margins with pellet.

He took 45 carp to 7lb for a winning 126.6.0.

Mick Lane used maggot down the edge on the pole, catching carp to 10lb for 122.10.0 and second place, while Martin Robinson also hit the ton, catching an all-carp 116.8.0 on pellet shallow and in the edge with maggot.

Nick Ingrem claimed his first win at Littlemore AS in round three of their Spring League, fished by 14 at Hunts Corner Pond.

He caught 14.8.0 of carp, tench and a few silver fish, starting on the pole with maggot and later switching to the feeder to net a scale-perfect common carp of about 6lb to clinch victory.

Runner-up Pete Clarke continued his good form with a net of rudd and a big bream for 11.14.0 on the pole with maggot, followed by Andy Webb, who fished corn and had a couple of tench and a net of rudd for 10.4.0.

Kidlington AS staged their latest open on the Oxford Canal at Grovelands, Dave Britnell taking top spot with 9.14.0.

Antony Tomkins (Top Tackle) was close behind with 7.10.0, and Ian Fisher third with 3.6.0.

Stephen Malone was a clear winner of the Anne Malone Memorial, fished by 15 on Stable Lake.

He caught an impressive 80.0.0 of carp on method feeder, using various baits.

John Fisher was second with 30.0.0 of carp on pole and maggot, while Gordon Winfield took third spot with 23.4.0 of carp on pole and feeder with maggot.


Predator Spring League: (Lower Court Farm, Chadlington, 15 fished) I P Burton 43.0.0 (carp & grass carp, pole & paste), 2 M Ryman (Predator) 29.0.0 (carp, pole & feeder, maggot & caster), 3 K Thorne 22.8.0 (grass carp & skimmers, pole & feeder, maggot).

Oakfield: (Wednesday, Red Kite & Swallow Lakes, 17 fished) 1 B Eddy (Dynamite Oakfield) 126.0.8, 2 S Nicholls (Banbury Gunsmiths) 100.10.8, 3 M Talbot (Kamasan GOT Baits) 86.7.0.

Oakfield: (Saturday, Red Kite & Swallow Lakes, 25 fished) 1 I Graham (J&K Tackle) 132.0.0, 2 G Worrall (Top Tackle) 78.6.0, 3 D Cullip (Banbury Gunsmiths) 77.3.8.

Oakfield: (Sunday, Swallow Lake, 13 fished) 1 B Eddy (Dynamite Oakfield) 63.13.8, 2 J Welham (Miracle Baits) 52.4.0, 3 R Young (Dynamite Oakfield) 51.8.0.

Tomorrow’s Fixtures

North Oxford AS: Canal Series. Oxford Canal, Frenchay Rd. Draw 8am, fish 9-2.

Littlemore AS: Spring League rd 4, Swallow Lake, Oakfield. Draw 8am, fish 9.15-2.15.