Oxfordshire continue their fight against relegation from the Premier Division of the BDO County Championship when they take on second-placed Lancashire at Wigan this weekend.

Despite beating Gwent in their last game, Oxon are still bottom of the table.

The matches will be played at St Thomas Sports & Social Club, Wigan on Saturday and Sunday, starting at 11am each day.


Ladies’ A: T Borton, S Cox, C Gallagher, D Hedman, K Ledbury, R Rose.

Men’s A: N Cobb, S Holley, B Kearns, M Kearns, P Krabben, A Larner, K Lowe, A Stevens, J McCarthy, D Smith, S White.

Ladies B: Cath Birch, Cali Birch, Ni Curzon, S Castle, J Newman, Hl Prowton.

Men’s B: M Burns, G Grant, D Hammond, J Jukes, E Lilly, D Lockyer, J Newland, N Russell, S Robinson, A Thomas, S Tricker, T Tricker.