FORMER England captain Alec Stewart proved a star teacher at The Oxford Academy.

Stewart, who played 133 Test matches, took one of the school’s cricket classes as part of the Clydesdale Bank Ambassador programme.

Now 50, Stewart has been a Clydesdale Bank ambassador for seven years and enjoys his work.

“It was a community visit,” he said.

“For some, it was an introduction to cricket and for others, it was trying to build on the skills they already had.

“We had 40 boys and girls playing for a good hour and a half.

“They were well behaved and seemed to enjoy themselves. It beats being in a maths lesson!”

Stewart said simply getting the children playing and taking part in sport was key to the programme.

Other ambassadors include cricket’s Paul Collingwood and Alastair Cook, rugby’s Mike Catt and athletics’ Steve Cram.

Stewart also remains a prominent figure in the cricketing media, but unlike many, he is not getting too down about England’s Ashes defeat to Australia.

“It was only one series,” he said. “We’ll bounce back.

“It depends if your glass is half full or half empty, but I am keeping positive.”