I HAVE been asked quite regularly what I get up to at this time of the year, especially seeing as I’m not abroad touring/training anywhere.

As with the other counties, Yorkshire summon you back for pre-Christmas training four days a week (Thursday is our a day off).

This involves fitness and physical work and, unless you choose to actually have a net, you’re not expected to do anything cricket-wise until the New Year.

However, if you are planning on going abroad, a bit of work in the indoor school is essential unless you plan on looking like you’ve never held a bat or bowled a ball in your life!

All the gym and weights-based fitness is specific for each player depending on what physical weaknesses they have and any niggles they are carrying.

My week involves two heavy lifting sessions, a brutal running shuttle session, yoga, and a speed session aimed at improving your speed and power.

I always throw in a couple more cardio circuits to keep pushing myself.

The yoga hour on a Tuesday morning is always entertaining.

Last week, our esteemed coach Jason ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie decided he needed a good stretch, which we found amusing seeing as he had opted-out of the near vomit-induced run we had completed an hour earlier as a group.

The final ten minutes of yoga is spent laying on your back, relaxing in the dark studio listening to soothing music.

I suddenly heard some rather loud and thundering snoring coming from the other side of the room.

A few giggles from a couple of the guys ensued and, when the relaxation was complete, the guilty party was revealed to be Dizzy, who in our eyes hadn’t even earned a nap!

He responded with a “I have four kids under eight years old, please don’t tell Mrs Gillespie”!!

ON the subject of Australia, I can finally reveal I will be spending ten weeks out in Perth as of next weekend.

A nice hot summer Christmas with some old friends and then a couple of months playing grade cricket for my old side from nine years ago, Willetton Dragons.

It should make my winter go a lot quicker and get myself in good shape mentally and physically for the 2014 English season.

FINALLY, it completely knocked me sideways and saddened me to hear of ‘Mr Freeland’, Les Hole’s, passing last week.

I’d grown up playing a lot of cricket with his boys Simon and Stuart, who I became good friends with.

Les was always a friendly face and my condolences go to Sally, Simon, Stuart, Julie and family.

No doubt his loss will be felt throughout Freeland and the Oxon football and cricket community.